Pure Light

Astrological Reading

Astrological Prebirth Lifeplan readings or relationship readings

Being Your Serene Inner Self

A meditation to give you a direct experience of your innermost essence... your serene Inner Self.

Effortless Relaxation: Anti-Anxiety Meditation

A guided meditation for 15 minutes of deep, effortless, blissful relaxation.

Evolve, Please!

How Upgrading Your Consciousness Will Transform the Planet.

Evolve, Please!

How you can save the world and attain inner peace. 17 practices for accelerating your spiritual evolution.

Golden Temple Meditations

Two guided meditation journeys to a golden healing temple in a luminous spiritual world.

Guided Chakra Meditations

Two guided meditations for awakening and clearing your chakras, with crystal bowls and Tibetan bells.

How We Stopped Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Natural Healing
Reading this book, you will discover how Patrick and Barbara Parker - working together - successfully eliminated and reversed the devastating symptoms and effects of Patrick's Rheumatoid Arthritis, by using only natural healing methods.
Meditations for Higher Guidance

Two meditations for tuning in to higher guidance -- one for connecting with your Higher Self and one for contacting your spiritual guide.

River of Tranquility

An exceptionally peaceful guided meditation, with the soothing music of flute and piano. For Stress Relief, Restful Sleep, Deep Relaxation and Transformation.

The Complete Beginning Meditation Class
This class includes an e-book with step by step instructions, covering 4 easily learned meditations and all the info you will need to begin meditating... plus an mp3 to guide you through each of the 4 meditations.
The Shift Goes On